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Your Child Support Or Spousal Support Order

You are not alone if one of your biggest concerns during the divorce process involves child support and spousal support orders. The determination of these orders can have a significant impact on your financial status.

It is important to work with skilled attorneys who understand how these orders are determined and what options are available to modify these orders now or in the future. At the law offices of Kuenzi/Somogyi in Cleveland, we understand your concerns.

Child support and spousal support are based on guidelines in Ohio. Several factors are considered when determining support, including the analysis of income and need for support. Even though these orders seem final, the amount of an award may be adjusted based on certain circumstances.

Child support and spousal support awards are often not a definite and final number. The award is based on the specific facts of your case. We can evaluate your case and explore all options to establish a fair award and seek, if necessary, a modification of your order.

What Factors Are Considered To Modify Child Support?

The court considers a variety of factors when determining whether it will grant a deviation or adjustment to your child support order. The factors it may consider include:

  • Special or specific needs of the child
  • Change in employment status or income
  • Difference in income between parents or households
  • Federal, state and local taxes paid by both parents
  • Standard of living of the parents and child
  • Shared living expenses after remarriage or cohabitation
  • Educational expenses based on the education the child would have received if the marriage or relationship had continued

Other relevant factors are also considered by the court when determining if a modification of child support is appropriate.

Factors That Help Determine Spousal Support Awards

In Ohio, the court can award permanent or temporary spousal support during the divorce or legal separation process, which can be paid as a lump sum or in installments. Like child support, the court considers several factors when determining spousal support awards. Some of the factors it considers to determine the amount, terms and duration of a spousal support award include:

  • Income of both spouses
  • Duration of the marriage and the standard of living of the parties
  • Educational level of both spouses
  • Potential earning ability of both spouses
  • Age and the physical, mental and emotional health of both spouses
  • Assets, liabilities and retirement benefits of both spouses
  • Tax implications

Our lawyers can evaluate your specific situation to help you understand how child support or spousal support awards will be determined and if you can petition to have your award modified.

Can Your Order Be Modified? Contact Us To Explore Your Options.

Every case is unique. We can make sure your specific concerns are addressed and help you understand what options are available when it comes to child support or spousal support. We provide free initial phone consultations. Contact us online or call our law firm at 216-545-9448  to discuss your specific situation.

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