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Resolving Complex Divorce Issues

Complex divorce issues can be difficult to address and the failure to address these issues can significantly impact the outcome of your divorce. At Kuenzi/Somogyi in Cleveland, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience resolving complex divorce matters in Ohio.

We Pay Attention To The Details In Your Case

Divorces involving significant assets and complex property division and other issues need an experienced attorney. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skills to address a variety of complex divorce issues. Every divorce is unique and requires personal service and close attention to details.

We have experience addressing and resolving complex divorce matters that involve:

  • Multiple or complex real estate holdings
  • The division of family-held business interests
  • The division of stock options and retirement plans
  • The evaluation and division of complex assets
  • The discovery of hidden assets

Our attorneys will identify and evaluate your property and assets to find the best strategy in your case. Our process may involve the use of forensic accountants, vocational experts and business valuations to ensure that all assets and property are properly accounted for and identified before negotiating or litigating a settlement.

Experience Handling Financial Misconduct In Divorce

In the event we find financial misconduct or a destruction or dissipation of marital assets, you may be able to receive a distributive award from the court in compensation. We routinely handle these complicated issues, and we can make sure all financial issues are properly addressed.

Contact Our Law Firm To Protect Your Future

Both of our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience addressing complex divorce issues. We are committed to helping you find the best result in your divorce settlement. We will provide quality legal representation to ensure that your best interests are protected now and in the future.

Do not try to handle complex divorce issues on your own. Our attorneys can make sure all issues are properly evaluated and addressed. To schedule a free initial phone consultation, please call our law firm at 216-545-9448 or send us an email.

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