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Handling All Types Of Juvenile Law Cases

Legal issues involving juveniles can be complex and require a dedicated attorney who understands how these issues can be addressed and resolved. Our attorneys at the law offices of Kuenzi/Somogyi in Cleveland have extensive experience handling juvenile law matters.

Child Custody, Visitation And Child Support

Unmarried parents in Ohio have to resolve child custody and visitation issues along with any child support matters in juvenile court. Child support orders are determined by a variety of factors, but the order is not final and can be adjusted depending on your specific circumstances.

Child custody and visitation orders can also be changed. Our lawyers know how important child custody and visitation are to your family. We will guide you through this process so you can focus on spending quality time with your children.

Child Abuse And Neglect Cases

Child abuse and neglect charges are very serious. We have experience representing parents facing child abuse or neglect charges filed by the state. It is important to recognize that you have rights. We can protect these rights and help you resolve these serious charges, but it is important to work with us right away to prevent any further issues in your case.

Juvenile Criminal Charges

Delinquency or criminal charges against a juvenile can impact the rest of his or her life. Convictions can affect his or her ability to find employment and impact housing and educational opportunities, such as being accepted to a university.

We have represented juveniles facing many different types of charges, including DUI, theft and simple drug possession. Whatever legal trouble you or your child is facing, we can help.

Our attorneys understand what is at stake and will work hard to protect your or your child’s rights. Every case depends on specific factors. We will explore all available options to find the best resolution in your case so you can focus on your future.

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